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VENI MASEE® Christmas Women Cute Lovely Touch Screen Gloves

VENI MASEE® Christmas Women Cute Lovely Touch Screen Gloves
Product Code: 2CGL-3104
MSRP: $12.99 (USD)
Price: $4.99 (USD)

Product Description

Winter was coming, but also in the “naked” hand to play IPAD? You OUT!
Hoter Touch Screen Gloves let you warm at the same time as the IPAD can play.
With special gloves fingertips micro-difference fiber of conductive metal, materials, electrical resistance close to human body resistance, bring gloves can easily operate iphone, IPAD, and all capacitance screen products. Play in winter, you can also!

Is a boring winter, remember the years we play a game? Don’t be time to conquer, no longer and winter says ON! Wear the gloves let us with HAPPY...

Material: Wool 50%, Acrylic fibers 40%, Spandex 5%, Conductive fiber 5%


Men: Length:22cm, Width:11.5cm

Women: Length: 20cm, Width:11cm

1. This product supports all the capacitance on market mobile phone screen; touch screen MP4, tablet computer, and iphone iPad, etc.
2. Bank ATM, machine touch screen operation panel, and street to touch the screen touch screen all machine apply.

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